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Combining data analytics, digital health, and a novel one-to-one personalized approach, MOBE helps people achieve better health outcomes, and better use of health care dollars and resources—without adding cost to the system. We guarantee it.

The MOBE difference.

You have a hidden population of 5% who, despite being frequent health care users, are not getting healthier. MOBE® Guides meet your employees and their family where they are, creating a highly tailored experience. Guides work with each individual one-to-one, over the phone or through the MOBE Health Guide app, to create personalized plans around nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and medication for long-lasting health changes. Better health means your team can continue to show up and be present for themselves, their family, and for you.

How you save with MOBE.

After reviewing over one billion claims, MOBE has consistently found that the same hidden population of 5% account for 20% of all costs. Helping your employees connect the different facets of health and well-being, and empowering them to create long-term behavior changes, ensures a better use of health care dollars. That means more savings for you, guaranteed.

your hidden

Infographic - a hidden 5% of your health care members account for 20% of health care costs

Estimate your
savings with MOBE:

$10.2 million
in guaranteed savings over 3 years*
Estimated savings calculation is based on historical average savings rate and market trends. MOBE will work with you to determine your final savings.

My Guide and I started with stress. We really worked on breathing techniques and I took those with me to my workplace, to my close teammates. I taught them, and there were days that we would sit there and breathe together.”

Michelle I., MOBE participant

Michelle 205x204

Our days are sometimes very stressful because we have work, we have bills to pay. We have family issues to make sure that we tend to. So you kind of want to sit back and be in a self-pity mode. My Guide has helped me focus on what’s important. Now it’s more like, you just got to do what you’ve got to do.”

Julian N., MOBE participant

Julian 205x204

Everyone's health picture is unique. That's why our approach toward improving lives is fully custom and truly personalized. See how we've helped others improve their overall well-being.

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Protecting your employees’ data.

MOBE is part of an elite group of organizations that has received HITRUST CSF Certification and HITRUST Certification of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. MOBE has achieved this certification through its use of the Accenture Applied Intelligence Platform. As a HITRUST CSF Certified company, MOBE is meeting the health care industry’s highest standards for protecting health information and managing risk.

Your trust is important to us.

MOBE cares about earning and maintaining the trust of the top health plans and employers across the country, that’s why we’re Better Business Bureau accredited. Our relationship with the BBB lets you know we’re serious about trust and transparency, and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Our stories are real examples from people who have participated with MOBE but may not be typical. Because every individual is unique, each situation is distinct. Results will vary based on factors including individual goals and participation levels.