Mobe | Success with MOBE

When people
have MOBE in
their corner, they
find their power.

People who have welcomed MOBE’s help all have something in common: They all say their lives have changed for the better.

From overwhelming pain to finding new purpose: Sosse’s story.

Catherine gave Sosse the resources and steps that reminded her she could make progress and get better

From grief to growth: Tina’s story.

Grief-stricken after her brother's death, Tina's coping habits led to health problems. Then an unexpected connection changed her outlook on life.

The power of one-to-one connection.

From the beginning, Kallie was surprised at the personal bond with her MOBE Guide, Mary. At first, she wasn’t sure what a “random lady from Minnesota” could offer her all the way in Pennsylvania but they hit it off right away, sharing pictures and personal stories. From losing 15% of her body weight to finding relief from anxious thoughts, Mary gave Kallie concrete strategies that helped bridge the gap between her mental and physical health. It was that one-to-one connection that kept them talking—even when Kallie spent five weeks in Europe—and made all the difference.

Real people, real results.

Watch this video for a peek into what MOBE participants have to say about their experience.

Katy's story: support without judgement

See how MOBE helped Katy go from living with constant back pain to exercising, thriving, and feeling in control of her health.

Colleen's story: "This is about me healing me."

Knee injuries and pain medication were getting in the way of Colleen enjoying her grandchildren. With MOBE she found hope and the power to self heal.

Matthew’s story: “A gold nugget every day.”

Matthew was told he might never walk again. But with the help of his MOBE Guide, he's found hope and the motivation to surprise even himself.

Rich’s story: a different kind of success.

Rich's MOBE Guide empowered him to take a closer look at his medications, and learn how to ask the right questions.

Raine’s Story

Raine had tried a health coach before but felt like she wasn't being heard. Then she met Elle, her MOBE Guide, and found a real connection.

Terry’s story: “Self-care is now a way of life.”

Terry was on painkillers and taking care of everyone but herself. With the help of MOBE she discovered a new way of life and self-worth.

Jeff’s story: “I’m in such a better place now.”

Living with social anxiety, Jeff wasn't sure what MOBE could do for him. But by the second call he was hooked.

What do people say about the MOBE journey?

See why so many people come to the same conclusion that MOBE really works.

Healing from the Inside Out: Beth’s Story.

Beth shared how MOBE taught her a new way to think about healing and inspired her to share that lesson with others.

“MOBE pulls everything together” — Sue’s story in her own words.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, MOBE helped Sue see the brain-and-body connection between her thoughts, eating, sleeping, and exercise.