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How Blue Zone is your grocery list?

People in five pockets of the world—known as Blue Zones—live decades longer than the rest of us. Yes, decades! See how closely your food habits match theirs.

The Blue Zones Food Guidelines

There are places in the world where people are found to live healthier, happier, longer lives. And their diet plays a huge role in that. Distilled from more than 150 dietary surveys, these simple guidelines reflect how the world’s longest-living people have eaten for most of their lives.

Top 10 foods to boost your mood

Boost your mood. Even out your energy. Eat with resiliency. Learn which 10 foods will have a big boosting effect on your mood.

How understanding your appetite will help you control it

Your appetite is really complex, and triggered or suppressed by many factors. Let’s dive into what exactly controls your appetite and what control you have in either suppressing it, stimulating it, or changing your cravings. The more you learn about how it all works, the more you can make your appetite work for you, and not the other way around.

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